Are you inspired to be a soul-led, passion filled woman that desires to feel free in her soul, make an impact on the planet and have the freedom to do what you desire, when you desire it but you are:


Feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, anxious or tired of your business or life?

 Feeling lost in your purpose and having a hard time finding joy in your life and feeling connected to your heart?

Feeling like you are spinning your wheels and getting the same results?


Wanting to have a business and or life that lights you up, and that you feel TURNED ON BY?







Are you ready to be ACTIVATED to your fullest potential?

I have been there.


Burnt out, overwhelmed, tired, wondering why I was doing everything “right” but feeling stuck like nothing was working. 


Wanting to create the life of my dreams but not knowing where to start and feeling as though the things I had tried weren’t working.

Feeling more and more disconnected from my purpose and passion, and going deeper and deeper into debt. 


I was miserable and knew I needed to change my life.

So I hired a coach, I decided to look at my life honestly and take action to change it!

Now I have a thriving business that I love, I am madly in love with my soul mate, and I am creating a legacy that is impacting so many women to ACTIVATE, RISE, IMPACT and life their lives FREE to BE who they are!


And I would LOVE to help you do the same thing!


Wherever you are at in your entrepreneurial and/ or healing journey, you CAN shift it in an instant and say YES to yourself and feel ACTIVATED, ALIGNED and ALIVE!


Do you desire to:

 Have more TIME in your life to spend with the people you love the most doing the things that you LOVE the most?

Be free from limiting beliefs and stuck energy that is holding you back from the life you desire?

Get paid to do what you LOVE EVERY DAY?

Wake up ENERGIZED and ready to create, collaborate and THRIVE in your business and life.

Feel MAGNETIC in your feminine energy?

Have a business and life based on what you LOVE to do?

 Have a life Filled with Ease, play, inspiration and fulfillment?

Create a business that works FOR you, and that is FUN?

Travel the world and work from anywhere?

Be wildly wealthy so you can BE, DO and HAVE whatever it is that you want?

Give BACK to those in need and do meaningful work both in your community and internationally?

You GET to have it ALL!







Are you ready to ACTIVATE what is already within you?

When we MOVE, the UNIVERSE MOVES, and I love working with women who are ready to MOVE and create the life of their dreams!


You can have it all!


So what’s stopping you from Having it all?

Most commonly I see:


 Pressure to do things from a masculine approach rather than from an intuitive, feminine, soul-led way

Self sabotage and self doubt that can make it feel as though it is REAL, when deep down you know your soul’s purpose is so much bigger than your fears

Trying everything and feeling as though nothing is working

Overwhelm with so much to do and not knowing what the next aligned step is


Fear; of being seen, failure, success (you name it, it can come up).

Exhaustion- As entrepreneurs so often we overwork ourselves and burn ourselves out and then it is hard to be motivated.

Limiting Beliefs

Lack of support and accountability

Lack of clarity

It doesn’t have to be this way….

I can support you to clear away stuck beliefs, to help you to activate your purpose and passion, to feel supported in your journey, to help you heal deep blocks that you don’t even know you have, and to ignite your fire inside so you can THRIVE. I can support you in all of these common blocks that are holding you back.


If this sounds like you, please click here to fill out the application (bonus the application will help you start to shift).

This is for the woman WHO...


Wants MORE from her business and LIFE

Wants to THRIVE in business

Wants to feel EMPOWERED around money

Wants personal support

Wants to be ACTIVATED

Is ready to reclaim her power



Is ready for clarity

Is ready for Breakthroughs

Knows she has a larger purpose

Is an emerging Leader!

Ignites people to see their world and their light in a new way.



I am HERE to set IGNITE that fire WITH you!


I connect to YOUR HEART. 


Let’s transform your world TOGETHER!


APPLY for a FREE clarity call with me to get clearer on your vision, and explore if we would be a good fit to work and TRANSFORM together!




Why ME as your coach?


Throughout the last 15 years I have taken many various coaching programs, have opened up my intuition, have channelled messages for people, have been coaching leaders to rise, have helped people overcome their blocks, and transform their LIVES. This has been a huge part of my life’s work woven into all of the businesses that I have done. In the last year I have started to step into this passion even more by working with women wanting to heal, love themselves, find their purpose and passion and start their own businesses.


 I LOVE working with burnt out women and entrepreneurs to help them transform overwhelm and anxiety so they can align with their soul, their feminine energy and create a life filled with freedom, limitless wealth & make a large impact that transforms lives! 

I use somatic healing based modalities, breathwork, I am trauma informed and bring years of intuitive guidance into the sessions. They are potent and transformational.


My 1:1 coaching is currently accepting new applications for 3, 6 and 12 month containers.


Apply for a FREE clarity call to work with me to SHIFT, ALIGN and TRANSFORM your life!




"Have you lost your passion? Feeling a little lost and directionless? I would highly recommend you connecting with Brooke for a 1:1 session.  Her ability to pull through you deepest desires and uncovering your joy is incredible!  Through her attentive listening and connection to the higher Spirit she is able to help you overcome your blocks, forgive yourself and renew joy and love and live  fully and deeply."

- Lisa, Ontario

"Working with Brooke I received vivid direction and connection with my inner guidance.  Brooke works as a conduit pointing us towards the truth of our own hearts.   It was a pleasure receiving her coaching, I felt very held, safe and supported."

- Rebecca, Toronto, Ontario

"Brooke has a unique gift of connecting with female entrepreneurs, heart to heart, soul to soul and igniting feminine entrepreneurial passions. Creating a clear vision for this passion and walks you through every step on the journey. My one on one call with Brooke was intense and helped me immerse into my intuitive healing gift, fully. My feeling of self value/worth has truly increased!!!"

- Nadine, Guelph, Ontario



"Brooke held a compassionate and loving space for me recently as I moved through some big transitions in my life. I felt lovingly contained, seen, felt and heard regarding business and the journey of being human.

I appreciated how she weaved her intuitive gifts, life experiences & presence as a healer to embrace my gifts.

Brooke met me every step of the way allowing me to be both vulnerable and strong in our connection, as well as encouraging me to share my gifts with the world. After speaking with her, I felt deeply acknowledged and supported with my life’s work. When I shared my fears about how to move forwards with my business, I felt lovingly held. 

There was a beautiful flow of giving and receiving in our conversation which was welcomed. Brooke knows how to dance with the light and beautifully co-create with others. I feel very grateful to have received her support. 

I felt listened to

I felt heard

I felt received

I felt understood

I felt accepted

I felt loved"

- Samara Francia


"Just had a 1:1 session with Brooke! All I can say is wow. Brooke’s healing gifts are next level. In 1 hour I had one of the most powerful and deep sessions ever! The type of breakthrough that will make me a better person and set my relationships free to be more peaceful and loving, including the one to myself. I am so grateful and pleasantly surprised as it surpassed my expectations, super deep healing work in the most gentle loving way possible…and I’ve done a lot of various dedicated healing work! I feel truly seen, held, embraced, acknowledged, in the most deep and gentle way possible, which results in me now feeling totally free and at peace."

- 1:1 Intuitive Coaching Client

"I am so grateful for Brooke. I had my 1:1 call and it was everything I could have imagined she spoke life into me and made me a believer of what’s to be. I cried tears of joy when the call was done. I highly suggest everyone to have a 1:1 with her she is very intuitive and her gift is beyond words. I feel overjoyed for what’s to come and am so happy I met her and tapped in and received her enlightenment on my future. She was very accurate of the things she said of my past. This is just the beginning I plan on joint her coaching sessions and sticking with her as far as I can go. I am thankful for your Brooke Jillian Yantzi your an amazing soul this world needs."

- Andrea ❤️

"What makes Brooke different is the amount of love, gentleness, simplicity yet depth, body movement, and empowerment to become your own healer as well, to truly solidify the healing into new heights. With Brooke’s guidance and soothing voice, she ushers you into an oasis of relief, given permission to gently go there, to the source, the root, feel and then transmute. A huge shift already, I am glowing. A big shift on the spot with more to come, this session catapulted a most magnificent catharsis, and it is everything that healing, therapy, transformation should be. THANK YOU BROOKE!"

- Kathy, Ontario 


"Few days back I had my last coaching session with my coach. Brooke Jillian Yantzi till the last minute stood by me through my blocks and helped make things in my businesses feel easier. 
I haven’t found a person so understanding, non judgmental, compassionate and such a safe place like her. She has a solution for everything. And not just one solution. A solution one after another till one fits you perfectly.
I was struggling with my branding and I didn’t feel like doing it. She helped me understand that I need it to be fun so I push through. Guess what? Now that I played and had fun with colors I feel at ease to do the work that I have been postponing for such a long time.
Not only did we do that, we broke through another shame that I had and release emotions that held me back from my full potential.
I love you so much Brooke. I wish I had more people like you in my life."

1:1 Intuitive Coaching Client



"I am so eternally grateful for the last three months I’ve had with Brooke Jillian Yantzi doing private one-on-one coaching!

I had been drawn to Brooke and her energy ever since I laid eyes on her. She was the embodiment of the beautiful divine feminine goddess and her energy to me was so nurturing and loving. I decided that I was finally ready to propel forward on my spiritual journey and that I needed her by my side. I truly do not know how I would have gotten through the last three months without her… seriously!

Because I’ve been held by Brooke I feel that she gave me the reassurance to trust in the divine, to trust that this point in time was meant to have me face my biggest fears, feel them through and transmute them and to trust that I will be okay after I emerge from this, even more abundant than I can imagine. She gave me the courage to follow my heart and gut when I could have folded and went back to a place of familiarity.

Coaching with Brooke is not just coaching. She gives her complete self to you. She is pure love and an extension of the divine. She is a gift from Source! I feel so incredibly blessed to have had this time with her.

I know my journey with Brooke is far from over. Her energy is magical and sensational" 

1:1 Intuitive Coaching Client



"Brooke helped me work through my decision to leave my miserable job in exchange for the pursuit of my passion.

She is intuitive, wise and full of energy and life. She inspires me to dance, be free and live a life I love.

Thank you Brooke!"


1:1 Intuitive Coaching Client


"One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life is having Brooke Yantzi as my coach. 
I cannot believe that I first found a person who understands me in literally everything.
Brooke is kind, compassionate, understanding, supportive, encouraging, celebrates me in every possible matter, lift up my spirit after every session.
Secondly, the pace of progress with our sessions that I have in my life is really shocking.
I’m truly happy to be in her world. 
Thank you for everything ♥️♥️"

 - 1:1 Intuitive Coaching Client


"I had an incredibly powerful session with Brooke today. She helped me release past trauma through her powerful energy work and gave me lots of love and validation on things that I was needing direction on. I would recommend her if you are looking for a Mind, Body, Spirit experience."

 - 1:1 Intuitive Coaching Client


- 1:1 Intuitive Coaching Client

"Wow! I can’t believe I forgot for one second how incredible you are. Thank you so much for today.

You are such an incredible healer Brooke. I’m very fortunate to have you in my life. I’m still in awe of that experience. I ran 10k after we spoke and so much is still coming through me!!
You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with me."

 - 1:1 Intuitive Coaching Client

I look forward to playing and dancing with you!