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Dance Alchemy Foundational Training
Level 1 

8 weeks (ONLINE) or 16 hours (IN PERSON)

✦ The fundamentals of Dance Alchemy and how to create a beautiful container and community ignited through movement and healing

✦ How to teach Dance Alchemy and create POWERFUL dance classes/ workshops

✦ The fundamentals of Dance Alchemy and the elements of movement

✦ How  to teach and CONNECT to a room

✦ How to engage an audience

✦ Participant centred instruction

✦ Helping people feel SAFE in their bodies and in the space

✦ How to facilitate CONNECTION between participants

✦ How to creating powerful playlists and moves that enhance with your theme 

✦ How to create potent workshops which transform and integrate your teachings

✦ Connecting to the rhythm and vibe of music

✦ Understanding the elements (earth, fire, water, air, ether) and how to create powerful dance classes connecting to these elements


Dance Alchemy Advanced Facilitator Training
Level 2

6 months

✦ All of the above PLUS...

✦ How to ignite participants VOICES

✦ How to support participants in dropping DEEPER into their movement

✦ How to support people in connecting to their soul expression

✦ Connection to the Chakras and how to activate them through movement and dance

✦ Diving into how to create safe spaces, how to create women’s circles and how to integrate dance into workshops

✦ Create powerful choreography and dances that ignite people’s souls

✦ Igniting clients to express themselves fully, deeply and magnetically

✦ Creating next level advanced containers

✦ Working with 30-300 people!

✦ Deep dive into your own healing


This facilitator training is a 4 module certification:


Meet The Founder of Dance Alchemy


Hi, I’m Brooke! I’m an Intuitive business coach & somatic movement expert with over 15 years of experience as a soul-led entrepreneur. I created the Dance Alchemy Certification Program because it’s what I wish I had when I was first getting started in my career as a healer and transformational dance facilitator. Over the years, I’ve had to piece together my own path because what I desired to do didn’t exist as a traditional “job”. But I found a way to bring everything together and create a truly transformational method of dance healing.

How did it all begin? I attended University and earned a degree in Psychology, which gave me a strong foundation for understanding human behavior and emotions, but there was something missing. I wanted to go deeper than just cognitive theory. So I immersed myself in somatic healing, coaching, intuitive healing, energy healing, women’s groups, and personal development.

Exploring alternative methods gave me the tools I needed to heal my own anxiety, depression, and eating disorders that started in my teen years. It also sparked my passion for dance and movement. I traveled all over the world to learn about dance from different cultures and how they use it to connect, celebrate, grieve, and heal. I took this knowledge and turned it into a thriving 6-figure business teaching dance as a tool to help heal mental health.


I taught workshops and retreats in over ten countries on how to LOVE your body, LOVE yourself, and FEEL your emotions. I was also asked to speak on stages about leadership and healing, and I was booked to energize crowds of up to 4000 people at conferences. 

I have taught dance and lead a team to teach thousands of kids in schools, helping students become more confident in their self-expression, accepting of one another, connected to their community, and kinder to each other. 

I taught dance at corporate events to create powerful team-building and leadership workshops. I worked with children teaching them to express themselves fully, and I took women’s groups on intuitive dance healing journeys to reconnect to their feminine energy. I have seen the power of dance reach people of all ages and gender. When people allow themselves to open through dance, it helps them heal on the deepest level. 

Now, I'm here to offer you the tools, support, and guidance you need to step into your role as a healer and facilitator. It’s my honour to share the golden nuggets I’ve learned from over 10,000 hours of helping thousands of people to connect to their bodies and fully express themselves through dance.

Dance Alchemy is for those of us who are ready to share dance as medicine and take your transformative work to the next level of depth so you can create powerful healing experiences for yourself and others.