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Imagine your next gathering pulsating with life, where each attendee feels empowered to reveal their true self: connected, engaged, and energized – not lost in a sea of faces or feeling disconnected. 

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Let's Turn Passive Spectators into Active Participants.

In a world where attendees often retreat into their shells or feel just another face in the crowd, the challenge is to create a space where everyone feels alive, connected, and part of something bigger.

It's about turning passive participation into an immersive, shared journey.

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I understand the balance you seek – an event that's professional yet vibrant, structured yet soulful.


I'm Brooke Yantzi, founder of Dance Alchemy.

For over a decade, I've revolutionized events from corporate conferences to intimate retreats all around the world.

My expertise has brought life to events across North America, Australia, the UK, and Africa, touching the lives of tens of thousands, on stages such as TedX and ISABC.


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The Dance Alchemy Experience

At its core, Dance Alchemy is a finely tuned blend of psychological insight, somatic healing, and the universal language of dance, all woven together to craft a unique and unforgettable experience.

Profound Somatic Healing

Through intentional play, participants tap into the wisdom of their bodies, leading to deep healing and insight.

Liberation Through Dance

Freedom unfolds on the dance floor, as attendees express their authentic selves through movement.

Cultivating Connection

When we feel safe to express all parts of ourselves, we naturally connect with one another.

Create Your Movement

Get Your Retreat Dancing!

Discover the transformative power of movement with unique workshops, each designed to unlock healing, connection, and empowerment:

  1. Dance Alchemy Somatic Healing Experience
  2. Cellular-Level Healing with Dance
  3. Mental Health and Dance
  4. Dancing Through the Chakra System (for more spiritual events)
  5. Dancing for Deep Connection to Body, Self, and Others
  6. Feminine Embodiment with Dance Alchemy
  7. Somatic Embodiment Through Dance
  8. Ancestral Healing Through Dance
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What People Are Saying About Dance Alchemy


Marie Kueny

Founder, Goddess of Light Retreats

I'm so grateful to Brooke for creating Dance Alchemy! I had been wanting to bring more healing and intuitive movement into my Goddess Retreats, so I recently joined Brooke's Dance Alchemy training.

After only a few weeks, I was confident enough to bring Dance Alchemy to my retreat participants, and they absolutely loved it! Their energy was light and playful, and their smiles made my heart sing. Thank you Brooke for sharing your magic!

Sarah Olsen

Retreat Leader

I am an International yoga retreat leader, and have had the honor of hosting Brooke and her dance alchemy workshops on four of my retreats.

When I ask students at the end of the week what the "favorite part" was... most of the guests say the dancing!

Brooke has a very intuitive way of opening and holding space... it is brillant to experience and witness. She allows people of all ages, genders, body types, race / background, and dance level to feel free and comfortable.

We move together, we sweat, we laugh, and we break down any walls or restrictions to be free. I highly recommend a workshop, or any training with Brooke.... you will leave with a sweaty smile with a new group of friends. 

Beth B.

BC Teacher conferences

We have had Brooke energize our conference of over 1000 people for the last few years and she always wows the crowd with her vibrant energy, engaging moves, and playful spirit.

It is the perfect thing to have right before the keynote to unite participants, get them out of their comfort zones and add a fun and vibrant element to the conference. We get so much feedback that it is a highlight for participants.

She is world class!

Don't just plan an event; create a movement.

Let's connect to discover how we can infuse your next gathering with the transformative power of Dance Alchemy.

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