This is for the woman who...


Is ready to connect to her intuition

 Desires to live her life in communication with spirit, her higher levels

 Desires to trust her intuition and the soul alignment that this brings to all areas of her life: money, relationships, business, family 

 Desires to make decisions that are in alignment with her soul, instead of from scarcity or fear.

 Desires to activate her third eye, expand her vision for her life and wealth

Desires a deep connection with her body and intuition

 Is ready to rise in her power, in her inner knowing.  

Desires to RECEIVE more abundance, and love

Desires to Communicate from your heart and soul and be heard and seen

 Is ready to step out of the matrix and into the expansiveness of all that is, of her truth.

Desires to attract amazing people, opportunities and money to her

 Know's she was made for more but keeps getting in her own way.


In this 10 Module  program we will...

 Connect to the intuitive wisdom  that already exists so you feel calm, clear and make decisions from expansion and intuition rather than fear and should.

 Dance with our spirit guides and heal those parts that do not feel connected, so we can feel supported and know that we are surrounded by love, knowing and guidance.

 Deepen emotional intelligence and learn how to not react to situations, but to stand strong in your knowing.

 Open up your intuition and trust your feminine, divine wisdom so you feel confident listening to yourself.

 Understand how your Human Design authority can show you how your inner wisdom speaks to you so you can understand it clearer and know how to make decisions that are right for you.


Understand how tools like crystals, essential oils, sage and angel cards can support you in tapping into your intuition and divine connection.

 Connect to your divine flow so that business, relationships, money and life feels FUN, effortless playful and fulfilling and you are FLOURISHING.

 Connect to your chakras, and learn how to clear them, and open them up so you feel free, and in alignment.

 Open up your third eye so you can expand your vision for your life, and bring wisdom into any situation that you encounter. 

 Get clear and envision your life as a work of art, and expand your desires, dreams and flourish in your life.

 Learn how to channel, so you can support your clients, friends and teach from a place of being a clear conduit.

If this activates you and feels like a heart yes let me know!




"I have very much enjoyed exploring my intuition and gaining insights into my own particular gifts and abilities. Brooke shares her knowledge and understanding with such generosity and sensitivity. Doing this course has been a beautiful experience.

If anyone is interested in how an intuitive way of living and being can work for them then they will love this course."

- Intuitive Student

"Brookes program changed my life. She helped me see things with a different perspective. I enjoyed the program immensely. Since the program I have manifested two tangible things into my life. The possibilities for my life are now limitless. I am grateful to have had this experience and would not hesitate to take another one of her programs. It was worth every penny. What I learned going through the program is priceless."

- Aurora

"I have never connected more deeply with a group of women in only 8 weeks. Brooke provided a safe container of women to open up and express themselves in such a meaningful way.  This program was exactly what I needed."

- Embodied Radiance Student

"I took the embodied radiance course to challenge myself to lean into the feminine pieces of leading others and myself.  I desired to break through my stuckness and through some deep healing of wounds better understand  and be gracious with all of me.  I love that Brooke uses movement to lock in our healing. This course is definitely transformative!"

- Lisa, Ontario

"I cannot thank Brooke enough for creating this program.  It was beyond any expectation I had.  It was inspiring, fun, healing, simply wonderful.  If you are looking for a sense of community while wanting to remain active this is a perfect combination. I will be taking future programs with Brooke for sure! "

- Trisha B

"Brooke is an amazing light, an inspiration, and someone I trust. She always comes from a place of compassion, and through the Embodied Radiance program, she guided us to work through our blocks and tap into our feminine side. It was a transformational experience for me, and I feel blessed to have met Brooke and all the amazing ladies in the group."

- Embodied Radiance Student


"I absolutely loved Brooke Yantzi’s The Intuitive Course. It resonated so deeply with my whole heart, mind and soul. I learned a myriad of new things and became reacquainted with passions I have known about and studied for my whole life. I made some amazing new dear soul sister connections and found another community of like minded souls who truly ‘get’ and understand my life journey. Feeling extremely blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a beautiful and gifted soul as Brooke! If you are feeling the desire to learn more about your Intuition, Channelling, Spirit Guides, Chakras, Clearings, Human Design, meditations and so much more I highly recommend The Intuitive with Brooke Yantzi."


- Shannon, Intuitive Student 


"Brooke is a wonderful course leader. Her extensive knowledge, and applied experience combine to give an incredible learning experience. I truly loved The Intuitive course. - didn’t want it to end!"

- Intuitive Student 


If you are ready to connect to your Intuition, and grow and develop your inner wisdom so you can make amazing soul led decisions in your life, support your clients and channel programs and ideas you won't want to miss this LIFE CHANGING program.


Get Immediate Access to the self study program once you join NOW AND enrollment into the LIVE PROGRAM coming up Starting January 27, 2023!


If you have any other questions I am happy to answer them! 

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The Intuitive Program-Pre-sale



The Intuitive Program Payment Plan

$222 x 4


The Intuitive - VIP COACHING



  • 4 private coaching calls*
  • The Intuitive Program    
  •  1 month Voxer support *must be used within months of purchase


$377 x 4


  • 4 private coaching calls*
  • The Intuitive Program    
  •  1 month Voxer support*    *must be used within 2 months of purchase




  • The Intuitive Program
  • And Embodied Radiance Course
  • Value $2222 (SAVE $1111)


$333 X 4


  • The Intuitive Program
  • And Embodied Radiance Course