I am so excited to invite you to be a part of the Passion to Action Mastermind!

I have created this program/ mastermind fusion to help soul led women just like you take your passion, creativity and soul’s calling, clarify it, and put it into action.


This is a mentorship mastermind/ program because I am going to walk you through not only WHAT to do and HOW to launch your soul-led business, but I will also be supporting you to move through the fears, blocks and overwhelm that often arises when we are putting ourselves out there and starting something new.


In this program you will be diving into...

Your vision/ mission for your business and life.

Clarity on your zones of geniuses and which offering(s) you can start with

Understanding your soul-mate client and how to speak to them to attract them into your life

Align your actions with your flow state/ zone of genius so that building a business doesn’t feel like work, but like an authentic expression of you.

 Create a Soul aligned offering that you LOVE, that CHANGES LIVES and activates your wealth portal

Dive into money mindset so you can open yourselves up to receiving income for doing what you love and pricing your offer.

 Learn a strategy on how to LAUNCH your business and offer in a way that MAGNETIZES soul mate CLIENTS to you 

Expand your mind, and desire for your life for what's possible

Learn the basics of human design and how that can apply to your energy type and what you can build

Understand HOW and WHAT to share on social media.

 Understand Facebook GROUPS and how to build a community of soulmate clients that you LOVE being a part of, contributing to, and that LOVE signing up for your offerings. 

Create Masterclasses, and learn how to contribute to the world and GIVE in a way that feels aligned and changes lives and in turn magnetizes people into your programs. A win win win!

Explore branding that ignites you and that you are lit up about and excited to share so you can  reach your soul mate client.

How to receive money, and financial aspects of running a business.

All while learning and growing with other soul-led females who are starting something new.


This is going to be a powerful container where we get to connect, celebrate our wins and our struggles, support one another, hold each other accountable, release anything that is holding us back from creating the life of our dreams, and calibrate to the next level versions of ourselves!



This is for the woman WHO:


  Is ready to step more fully into her purpose and create consistent $10K plus months doing what you LOVE.

  Is ready to launch or restructure her business to create more FREEDOM and CONSISTENCY in her life and offerings.

  Desires to create overflowing abundance in her life and is ready to do what it takes to create that structure.

  Desires to create a business that works for HER and supports her dreams that she can build ANYWHERE In the world!

  Desires to step into HER POWER and Take ACTION on her dreams.

  Is ready to get CLEAR on what she wants

  Is ready to FLOURISH

  Is ready to FLY!


Wherever you are at in your entrepreneurial and healing journey, you CAN shift it in an instant and say YES to yourself and feel ACTIVATED, ALIGNED and ALIVE and create CONSISTENT income doing what you LOVE!


Do you DESIRE to:


Have a life Filled with Ease, play, inspiration and fulfillment?

Create a business that works FOR you, and that is FUN?

Travel the world and work from anywhere?

Have a business based on what you LOVE to do?

Be wildly wealthy so you can BE, DO and HAVE whatever it is that you want?

Give BACK to those in need and do meaningful work both in your community and internationally?

Have more TIME in your life to spend with the people you love the most doing the things that you LOVE the most?

Get paid to do what you LOVE EVERY DAY?

Wake up ENERGIZED and ready to create, collaborate and THRIVE in your business and life.

Feel MAGNETIC in your feminine energy?


You GET to have it ALL!


Are you ready to ACTIVATE what is already within you?

When we MOVE, the UNIVERSE MOVES, and I love working with women who are ready to MOVE and create the life of their dreams!









What you GET!

The next LIVE round starts in Sept 2023!  

 14 Modules of teachings that you can watch at your own pace you how to take your purpose/ passion/ idea and bringing it into action

 One Group Coaching/ Mastermind call every week for 14 weeks to integrate, answer any questions and for bonus teachings

Accountability, Support and Sisterhood 

3.5 months of group mentorship and support

✦ Energy healing and embodiment exercises to help you clear blocks and anchor in practices that you can use in your business forever 

A private Facebook group for our small group for extra support on the home PLAY each week (Home play is aligned action steps to take to get your business and self out there. )





"Brooke’s positivity and vibrancy is contagious! She believes in everyone’s highest potential and supports you to believe it too! With her support, I was able to take my passion to action by buying a mobile studio, quitting my job and launching my business in 2 months!"

-Passion to Action Student, Vancouver , BC


"Brooke’s amazing energy, and insightful knowledge as a female entrepreneur is like no other!  She supports other professional female entrepreneurs by inviting them to share their knowledge and experience with her clients. Brooke’s compassion for her clients is genuine. I highly recommend her!."

- Passion to Action Student


"Passion to action program helped me rediscover what my calling is and what impact I want to make, Brooke and her guest speakers provided me with specific tips and tools to launch my business as well as helped me clarify whether it aligns with my soul .💜"

-Katarina, Alberta, Canada


"When I signed up for the Passion to Action program by Brooke Jillian Yantzi, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. Little did I know that my life was about to change and what I was learning in the course, would give me the tools and courage to start my own dance coaching business. In the span of two months, we covered things like branding, online marketing, social media presence, business plans and money matters that would help me plan for my new venture. We even had a bonus class that talked about Human Design, which was something new and fun for me to discover about myself. She brought in experts in their fields to share their knowledge with the group in a welcoming and safe space.  Brooke and the rest of the Passion to Action members were so supportive and genuine that they gave me the courage to start my own business even during the COVID-19 pandemic. I highly recommend this workshop if you are wanting to make your passion into a reality."

- Sharon T. Riedy, Seattle, USA

"Passion to Action is a rich and well rounded program. I felt supported by Brooke and the amazing group of women that were in the program. I learned a lot about launching my soul-led business. As an intuitive healer, P2A was the perfect balance of feminine/masculine, the being/the doing.  It was exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. Thank you Brooke!"

- Passion to Action Student- British Columbia

"You won't regret taking this course and becoming part of Brooke's soul led community!! She leads with experience passion compassion and a belief that every woman can discover and bring to fruition their soul's purpose!!"

Lisa, Ontario

"Brooke is a light in this world. She is so passionate about seeing her students rise into their best selves, to help them clearly envision, identify, and implement their dream business, and coach them with the best tools possible along the way. My vision of my soul-lead business is now clear and I am excited for what my future holds. I feel so blessed to have found her light to help guide me towards my dreams." 💫

- Kristi Marie,  Ontario

"Brooke’s Passion to Action program is TRULY for starting from scratch with an idea & passion. She leads from her own passion, intuition  and desire to help female entrepreneurs to ignite their passions in soul led businesses successfully. Connecting with each person with compassion, heart & soul, as a unique individual."

- Nadine W. Guelph ON



"Have you met this beautiful soul?

Her name is Brooke Jillian Yantzi and I have been blessed to have been working with her since May 2020. 

We first met on a dance floor back in 2010. Back then I found something that my soul was calling for. 

Fast forward 10 years and I found my soul calling for something more. I didn’t quite know what it was, but without looking for it I was able to find Brooke’s light. 

I dove into her Passion to Action program so that I could get clear on building a soul-led business. When the program ended I wanted to continue to work with Brooke and stay connected to a sisterhood of like minded women. 

I then joined the Embodied Radiance program. 

The sisterhood continued and the passion and vision strengthened.  

I’ve completed 2 rounds of both programs. 

I’ve been blown wide open. 

I am ready to rise. 

My vision is clear 

I am excited for the future. I am excited and ready to help make an impact on so many lives. 

If you have always wanted to start a business that your soul has been calling for, but you are not sure where to start, start here, with Brooke. 

Get excited about the impacts we can make."

Let’s all fly together. 💜💫🏹

- Kristi- Ontario 

Passion to Action Program



P2A Payment Plan

$377 x 6


P2A and VIP Coaching


P2A Program, Mastermind AND 4 one on one calls with Brooke


P2A Program PLUS The Intuitive

$2555 (save $400)

Passion to Action Program AND The Intuitive


P2A and PLUS Intuitive Payment Plan

$355 x 6

Passion to Action Program AND The Intuitive


This is set up to support you in FLOURISHING!


If you have any questions please let me know!

[email protected]