This is for the woman who:


 Is an entrepreneur making 4 figures per month, wanting to scale to 5 figures

Desires to break through the glass ceiling of her income

Desires to do business in a feminine, intuitive, connected way

Desires to Attract her soul mate clients into her life and have her life feel easier and more in flow

Wants to connect to her feminine nature and feel more confident in her body, her speaking and her online presence

Desires to be a part of an amazing community of female entrepreneurs who are FLOURISHING

Desires to FLY with her business

Desires to Double, Triple or 10 X her income this year.

Wants to FLY in 2021 and create the business and life she desires

Is ready to do business in a new way, filled with heart, filled with soul, filled with PLAY and EASE

Is ready to Quantum LEAP in her business and life

Desires deeper fulfillment in her relationships

Desires closer connections with other female entrepreneurs

Is ready to make 2021 the most powerful, vibrant year.


What you'll get...



4 Group coaching calls with Brooke Yantzi per month.

Value: $555/ month x 12= $6660


Access to ALL group programs ran during:


3 month Embodied Radiance 

Value: $888 (ran twice a year) x 2= $1777

3 Month Passion to Action

Value: $888 x 2= $1777

Channelling/ Intuition Program:

Value: $888



And so many more programs being created this year: (Value: $$$)

Private Facebook group to share wins, keep you accountable and connect deeper.


Total Value = $12,323 ($1026/ Month)


Actual Price = 50% off!

Pay in full is only $6111 ($555/month)


Limited time Pay in Full Bonus.

BONUS:  One 1:1 call with ME, Brooke Yantzi per month: Value $333/ Month. x 12= VALUE $3,996


*All prices are in USD.

Pay in Full Discount



  • 4 Group Coaching Call per month
  • All Access to all my programs!
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: one 1:1 call with Brooke per month (value: $3996)

Monthly Payment Plan

$555/m x 12


  • Group Coaching Call per month
  • All Access to all my programs!



"Being in the mastermind has been a wonderful experience already and we're just getting started! It's so enlivening to get together with likeminded women who are wanting to make an impact and doing it! We encourage each other, learn frowning another, collaborate and share - what could be better? And Brooke does a wonderful job bringing us together and facilitates beautifully ensuring that all feel safe and welcome at all times. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting support while you dare to live out your professional dreams."

- Amanda Asta, Transcend breathwork

I’ve been in a dozen masterminds before, and one thing that sets Femme Impact apart from the others is that it has a more feminine approach, which I prefer. We are all asked to show up as we are and the container is strong to hold it all. From overjoyed to sorrow there is place for all of it. From that container breeds new ideas, inspiration, comradery and hope. 

I leave these feeling more rejuvenated and invigorated

- Kristin Zerbin, Hoochy Booch Kombucha